Cameron DanwahNASA UoL Summer 2017 Intern

    I always knew I would be an engineer but never knew what I would focus on. During high school, I tried to focus on electrical but found microelectronics to be frustrating. My time as an FRC captain for my high school team gave me a taste of both types of electrical engineering. I decided to focus on energy systems, particularly alternative energies. I started with a lack of engineering support on campus and decided to start the Engineering Club. The club participates in events at the center. The internship I have at the center really brought my interests in astronomy back into light and I’ve found new interests in spacecraft design and 3D modeling. I also appreciate getting the chance to communicate STEM education to large audiences, as that is a problem I see greatly in my field. My love for writing helps with those communication skills and I’ve only brought it up so anyone reading this will buy my books. And no, that’s not a joke.

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