Evan PagliucaManager of Education Programs

Evan Pagliuca, who has been at the McAuliffe Center since 2008, manages the Challenger Learning Center and serves on the review committee for the group sponsorship program. Overseeing the educational experiences of the programs offered; Evan works to enhance and edit student activities to ensure appropriate grade level expectations and connections to local state and national education standards. During his time as the program manager, Evan has taken feedback from visiting teachers in order to design additional hands-on activities for students and alterations on how the program is presented. Over his time at the McAuliffe Center, Evan has overseen the upgrade of the Challenger Learning Center’s computer system and two software updates to the student stations. To improve the student experience and accessibility Evan has edited task cards and lab sheets in order to better explain directors and include pictures of lab set-ups. Evan works with the program presenters in order to provide them with the needed background content information and assisting them with developing presentation skills.

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