Julia Abbott, Ph.D.Education Specialist

    Julia grew up in Northeast Arkansas playing a lot of softball.  Thanks to amazing chemistry and math teachers in high school, she majored in chemistry at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.  She went to graduate school in chemistry at the University of Tennessee, and completed her PhD.  She had come to realize that a traditional career in chemistry (research lab/college professor) was not for her, and that her real passion was helping students, especially girls, achieve in STEM fields and get opportunities to learn “outside the box”.  This is something she had always wished she had had when she was young.  So she began to work with science education programs for middle school and high school students in Tennessee, and now has continued her work in the Boston area. She has quickly become the McAuliffe Center’s chemical education expert.
    In her free time, Julia likes spending time biking and cooking with her husband (who is also a chemist) and hiking with her dog. She loves to read, listens to all kinds of podcasts, and does many kinds of needlework.

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